Friday Fun

Friday Fun

The tiny human usually uses every opportunity that the week of Halloween presents to wear a different costume. In years past, she has requested a family themed costume for our church Harvest Festival, some sort of princess-y something for her dance class, a book character obscure enough that we have to invent the costume for school dress like your favorite book character day, and something completely different for actual Halloween.

This year, she only wanted one costume: a black dog wearing a pink tutu that looks like her dog as a ballerina. Easy enough on the costuming end: black clothing, pink tutu, store-bought headband, gloves, and tail. Done.


There is no such book character that we know of that fits this description. I’m sure I could have scoured the interwebs and found something, but she also wanted the character’s name to be Moe, like her black dog.

We decided to write a book this week to go along with her costume, so here for your Friday Fun is:

Life with Moe is always an adventure, so getting to the Halloween party involves a few detours.

We didn’t have time to illustrate the whole thing, so maybe soon we’ll be able to draw more pictures to go with the story. Most of the story is the tiny human’s idea. I edited a tiny bit and wrote the text out. All of the drawings were from very clear tiny human specifications, and she was pretty excited about our work once she saw it come together in print this morning.

With so many of our activities put on hold this year, this was a fun moment to create together and enjoy a new thing for Halloween this year.

I hope the tiny humans in your life will have fun with Mia and Moe’s Halloween Party adventure.