“To the Unborn Thought”

I should be holding you now.

I should be whispering your name as I cradle your precious body close, so close to my heart.

Though my soul aches for you-

yearning that grows into a scream waiting for release-

my mouth is void, empty and formless as the earth at creation.

Hoping for grace to speak your name, waiting for the grace of its utterance,

my heart is undone by vast deserts of unanswered longing

for ideas lacking corporeal form yet haunting my every moment.

Words that fell lost, unspoken,

never completely formed out of chaos,

but always reaching through the haze

clamoring for a tongue to give voice

to the unknown, the unborn, thought.

One thought on ““To the Unborn Thought”

  1. Beautiful Anne ….just as you are. Your strength and character is radiating through and I know God has mighty plans for you…

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