A Note on “Whispers” and “Voice”

I wrote these two poems several weeks apart, but I feel like they go together.  I mostly avoid commenting on my writing because I feel it should mostly fend for itself, so this is an exception.  “Whispers” is all about the angst and the crazy, and it’s not really neat or pretty; my head feels as frenzied as the photo that I published with it looks.  “Voice” is the focus and order that comes when I finally stop and think – the scattered voices in my head are doubt and anger and self-destruction, but the truth is underlying the whole time if I’ll just listen.  I felt like it was important to show you “Whispers” because those moments are not uncommon for me, but I couldn’t post it without also posting the truth I found in “Voice.”  They both kind of feel like fragments to me, but I’m not sure what I could add to them.  I’d love some feedback if you have any ideas.

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