“She Has Poetry inside Her”

A note before you read: this poem is a walk on the lighter side, and the photo is one of my favorites.  I shot it outside the Alabama Theater on a weekend stay-cation with my sister.  We happened upon a ballet recital, and I fell in love with this shot with the little girl posing for her reflection in the window.  I hope you don’t find the poem too cheesy because I kind of like it, and it’s fun to read out loud.  :~)

“She Has Poetry inside Her”

 She has poetry inside her-

She is grace personified.

She has poetry inside her-

Her every move is rhyme.

Hyperbole becomes her:

Her eyes contain the sun.

Mere quatrains cannot hold her;

Syntax has met its match.

She laughs in staccato iambs;

She cries in falling meters.

Her voice is an apostrophe to beauty;

Her very smile connotes paradox.

She has poetry inside her-

Her mere expression its release.

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