1000 Page Views Day

I promised myself I would post something special about getting one thousand page views on my blog (if it ever happened, and I have never been convinced that it would).  It actually happened Thursday night, but I had a few other things written that I wanted to post first.  In case you’re wondering about page views, WordPress counts the number of times each page/post on the blog is viewed and shows them to me in glorious graph form on the “Site Stats” page.  1000 page views do not mean that 1000 people have looked at my blog; it could be the same two people clicking on it over and over again.  Realistically, 1000 views isn’t so many when some sites get more traffic than that in a day, but it doesn’t matter to me – we passed the 1000 mile marker, which is 1000 more than I ever imagined, and we should celebrate.  (Insert your version of the “Happy Dance” here – even if it looks a little weird like mine does.)

I have a sidebar that I’ve sort of wanted to post for a while, but I just haven’t gotten around to it (and it really doesn’t deserve its own post, anyway).  You may have noticed that I don’t refer to anyone directly by name, and there are two reasons for that.  First, I prefer that my family and friends retain as much of their anonymity as possible since they did not choose to write or participate in this blog (I chose it for them).  Their identities are really not a mystery to 99% of the people who read this, but at least they are not exposed to strangers on the interwebs.  Second, I try not to write directly about anyone but me, not for selfish reasons, but because I can only speak to my personal journey.  I may venture a guess at what someone else thinks or feels, but ask my husband, and he’ll tell you I’m usually wrong at reading his mind.  I will also never write specifically about work or personal relationships except in the broadest and usually most positive terms.  It’s not that those things are perfect or even perpetually positive, but those things are the domain of others and not really appropriate for web-wide consumption.  I know that there are people who blog every detail of their lives even when it includes other people, but I will not share someone else’s life for them.  And that’s about all I have to say about that. 😉

I don’t really know what I wanted to say about having 1000 page views except thank you for reading my blog.  It is very special to me to know that you are out there reading my heart, and I hope at least one thing I have written has touched you the way the knowledge of your presence touches me every day.  I know you are there because the stats keep climbing, but I am always surprised when you tell me who you are.  So, September 30 will always be 1000 Page Views Day for me.  You are cordially invited to keep reading and celebrate again with me next year.

One thought on “1000 Page Views Day

  1. Thank you for sharing. For being courageous and caring enough about yourself, your relationships, your hurts and hopes and all that’s in between to let others see you and love you. I am privileged to be on of the 1K.

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