“And There Is Peace”

And there is peace –

                the quiet rest of a sheltered heart.

There, on the face of a well-loved child asleep.

And there, reflected in his mother’s silent gaze,

an ocular caress only tangible in her son’s joyous dreams.

And there is peace –

                the earned repose after hard-fought battle.

There, in the weary look of a soldier ending his watch.

And there, etched in the lines that define a lifetime

of laughter and worry and work creasing a father’s face.

And there is peace –

                the calm that follows every torrent of pain and loss.

There, in the eyes of a husband facing a new life alone.

And there, in a daughter’s resolve once she realizes

her father’s life was well spent.

And here, in my heart, as I slowly accept

through grace that another child

now stands before the throne of God to wait for my return.

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