Haiku for You

I have not been writing a lot for the last few weeks.  My life, just like everyone else’s, occasionally blows up, and I have been a busy beaver with work and church projects.  In the last month, I have learned more about Server 2008 than I ever wanted to know, I became a certified advanced light duty tow operator (my guys are just as surprised as you are, but I can now flip a car right side up in a single lane of traffic…), I discovered that spirit gum and spirit gum remover qualify as a HazMat shipment and it is possible to order pre-made “scab blood” (it may look as gross as it sounds, but it’s for a good cause – see the next note), and I’ve been learning a monologue and working with the drama part of a VERY exciting Easter program we’re doing at church next week.  If you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area, check out the Journey to the Cross information on our church’s website: www.gvbc.org.  It’s a walk-through program loosely based on the stations of the cross, and at each stop on the Journey to the Cross, there is a video from The Passion and then a live action monologue that’s an eyewitness account of some aspect of the events leading up to the crucifixion.  It’s a unique look at the life of Christ leading up to Easter, and I’m excited to be a part of it (in case you couldn’t tell…)!  And I’m still cramming for our music program on Sunday morning.

So, for the last few weeks, I have alternately been singing, practicing my monologue and composing haiku verses during my alone time in the car.  Why haiku?  Doesn’t everyone compose haiku verses during their morning commute?  I’m not sure I correctly adhered to the rules, but I did get the syllable patterns right, and they do all have something to do with seasons or nature.  I leave you with my efforts at haiku and the promise of a real blog entry to follow soon.


With ev’ry rain comes

Spring – deep, rich, magnificent

Colors of new life.


 In a quiet field

We’ll lie down on a bed of

Fragrant blooms and grass.


And in the summer

With warm sunlight all around

You will come to me.


 When the morning breaks

Clarion, dewy, and pure

I will see your face.

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