Our hcg level dropped to 50 today, so we know that a miscarriage is imminent now.  I will stop taking the lovenox shots, I have to go back next week to re-check the hcg level, and we’ll still keep our follow-up appointment on August 1.  By next week, my hcg level should be back to zero unless there’s a problem.

I have no idea what else to say: I’m too numb to have really processed this information, even though I rather expected it after last night.  Thank you for your love and prayers and encouragement so far; I’m going to need it even more in the weeks and months to follow.  The path through grief is not easy or short no matter how much I would like to skip it.  Pray that God will hold us together through this and continue to show his love and grace through our family and friends.  I love you all, and I would not make it wthout you.

One thought on “Wordless

  1. Aw man. Anne, I’m so very, very sorry. I’ve got nothing to offer other than virtual hugs and prayers for peace for you guys.

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