Back to “Normal”

After over a month of weirdness, it feels great to getting back to “normal.”  I never claim to be normal for fear my family will call me out and publicly present evidence to the contrary.  After almost six weeks of sitting on my duff, I am finally back to daily life and work and (occasionally) housework.  It’s amazing how long it has taken to get back into shape just to complete a full day, not to mention exercise.  In case you hadn’t already guessed, the Frantic Frog is off the table this year, but we are going to try a few running events between now and January, including the Turkey Trot – my family’s new annual tradition before we eat pancakes and pose together in our t-shirts.

I have been so blessed by so many of you who have been praying and checking in on me.  It is a tremendous gift to have your support and your prayers; I only hope to do half as well when you need the same support in return.  You have lifted my spirits and my heart in tremendous ways, and I am so grateful God has put each of you in my life.  Now that I am catching up, I should be keeping up with the blog better than the last few weeks allowed, and I hope to have some details in the next week about a Birmingham area prayer/memorial service for October 15th Pregnancy and Infancy Loss Remembrance Day.  First, I have to find my desk under all the piles that accumulated in the last month!

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