Hello, Blog, It’s Me…

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while.  I’d say my schedule has been running me instead of the other way a round for the last month.  I realized this morning that I haven’t posted an update from the October 15th service, so I promise that is coming SOON!  I may not be prolific this month since I am also participating in NaNoWriMo (http://www.nanowrimo.org/ if you think I’m just making crap up…).  I am thinking about posting a private feed with my results if you promise to critique nicely.  When I get that far, I’ll post about it, and you can ask me for the password if you’re interested in reading what will hopefully end up being a full-length novel by the end of the month.

Fortunately, it has been a productive month.  The October 15th Memorial Service was beautiful, and we had surprise press coverage.  I’m slowly building on my NaNo word count (the goal to be a winner is 50,000).   I’ve lost 25 pounds over the last two months, and I won one of the two “Most Improved Temple Awards” in our class.  I am probably more proud of that trophy than almost any other award I’ve ever gotten.  I also got a medal in a 5k race that I ran/walked incredibly faster than I imagined I could.  Now my competitive streak is flaring up because I am working my duff off to improve on that time in the Turkey Trot.  I realize that if I complete a 5k at any speed that I should be proud, but I really want to prove that chubby people can run – without having a heart attack. 😉  Oh, and it’s also nice to fit into smaller clothes.

We’ve also finished all of the testing to proceed with IVF, so we’ll meet with the doctor right before Thanksgiving to plan our next steps.  My dear, sweet husband has been warning people that I may soon look like the kid in The Exorcist with my head spinning around.  Needless to say, he’s expecting hormone treatments to be a cake-walk.  Ha!  We both know I get cranky when I’m “hormonal,” so you’ve been warned.  I feel like this sounds like a Christmas card letter with all of the catching up, so sing a little “Feliz Navidad.”  And I promise to try to write more often.

4 thoughts on “Hello, Blog, It’s Me…

  1. Seriously feliz navidad. Now I’m going to be singing that the rest of the night. It’s a good thing I love you 🙂

  2. Anne! Such an awesome update! First of all – 25 lbs in TWO months?! Wowzers!!! I want some before and after pics!

    Secondly, SO excited to hear about IVF! I honestly didn’t know if it was an option for you or not, so I’m thrilled to hear it is. You’re probably the 10th friend I’ve had to do it… so if you need any support, I’ve got several friends who’d be glad to email you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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