WIP Wednesday 7/7/21

It’s been a while since I’ve been motivated to write or sketch, and that same slump has been creeping into my prayer and Bible study habits.

I decided to get back to using colored pencils during my prayer time this week, and doodling made for such a lovely time of meditating and listening. It’s easy to skip over being still and quiet as a part of prayer. For me, writing out a prayer helps me focus more intentionally, and then sketching quiets my thoughts while I wait and listen.

What’s your favorite way to pray?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 7/7/21

  1. I love waking up early, and going outside to watch the sun rise. To me, it’s my favorite part of the day. It’s quiet and peaceful, and nothing but God’s great creations creeping and flying around. I just feel more at one with Jesus, during this time. I can pray and mediate on what I know I’m facing that day, and pray for strength and grace to get me through.

    1. Every trip I take to the beach or the mountains, I will spend at least one morning sitting outside watching the sunrise for that same reason. It’s such peace. It seems so much harder to do the really early morning time at home, so that space outside my normal rhythms is wonderful.

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