“In My Field”

Come and lie down in my field,

And tell me what you dream.

Lie down in my field,

And let your body rest between the furrows,

While your gaze rests upon the clouds.

Do you dream of adventures and fame?

Do you dream of Technicolor love?

Lie down in my field

With your bones stretched out on the earth,

With your mind floating above the sky.

Come, and tell me what your soul sees

When you lie down in my field of dreams.

**As proof that context is everything, I put two photos with this poem.  This has been floating through my head all week, and when I finally got it on paper, I started looking for a picture to post with it.  The first one, with the flower, is what you would expect, but the picture at the end (from the Alabama National Cemetery in case you wondered) fits this poem in a very different way.  It gives it a twist I wouldn’t have in the writing.  So, think of the two pictures as a choose-your-own-adventure illustration, and read it with the one you like best in mind.**

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