The End Is Near (We’re Pretty Sure This Time)

We have a rather concrete plan now – no sit-ins required.  In fact, the doctor even admitted that he was more frustrated with our case than he has been in a long time.  At least we’re not alone in the frustration department.  The good news is that I don’t warrant surgery, and with the low hcg numbers we’ve had, a d&c and/or laparoscopy probably wouldn’t have been able to find the actual problem anyway.  I am getting an injection of methotrexate tomorrow morning, which is actually a chemotherapy drug.  I’ll get a pretty mild dose which will have the effect of killing off whatever it is that’s still hanging around.  I’ve actually had this treatment before in a different scenario, and it worked pretty quickly – actually the same day.  I’m hoping that by Saturday I will be feeling much better.

I can tell that my body will not handle many more days of this without making me either very ill or extremely uncomfortable, so it’s good that we get to be done with this tomorrow as far as treatment goes.  They drew blood today (of course) to run a CBC to make sure that my liver and kidneys are functioning properly, which means I’ll be unlikely to have any complications from the medicine.  They’ll also re-check the hcg level from that draw, and I’ll have to go in early next week for another hcg level check (of course).  If blood-letting were still a time-honored medical treatment, I should be healthy as a horse right now. 😉  Then we’ll go back in two weeks for a follow-up in office with the doctor.  It’s been a long month, but I think we’re finally getting to wrap this situation up.  Finally.  Does anyone want to say it with me?  Finally.  🙂

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